Launching A Local Program - Overview

People are busy, so the LifeWise “plug n’ play” model provides all the resources and tools to launch and maintain an effective program.

Making It Happen - The LifeWise L's

Milestones for each phase fall into four categories.


The “people” element including volunteers, teachers, etc.


Where the program is held


The administrative details, particularly in coordination with the local school


The necessary financial support. (Sorry! We just needed another “L” word!)

Pre-Launch Action Steps (Your Next Steps)


Before jumping into Phase 1, there’s a little ground work to lay. Below are the practical “Pre-Launch” steps that any individual or church could complete to begin the process.

  1. Pray for local interest and God’s favor as you move forward. Consider focusing your prayer on the doors opening in the four milestone areas of Leadership, Location, Logistics and Loot.

  2. Read the LW Statement of Faith and Philosophy of Ministry to ensure you are in agreement with the LW fundamentals. Other materials you may want to review include the Pre-Launch FAQ and Sample Curriculum Packet.

  3. Compile a "Launch List" by securing at least 25 names of local Christians representing at least three churches who would like to see a local program like LifeWise. We have found it is most effective to show one of the videos at combined with this bulletin insert at area Sunday morning church services to generate interest. This sign up sheet can also be used in more informal settings. Note: You are not looking for people to lead or serve in the program yet so all Christian community members are eligible to sign. Also note: We do not recommend contacting the local school administration until Launch Phase 2.

  4. Contact us to arrange a Phase 1 informational meeting for you and interested community members. Just submit the form below and we'll connect you with the right team member based on your geographic location.

Launch Phases

Starting a local LW is broken down into three simple launch phases. With each phase, the LW Support Center provides communities the necessary materials, instructions and milestones to successfully complete the phase.

Phase Summaries

  • Phase 1: The Exploratory Phase - The focus is on gauging and building community support in the local Christian community as well as the examination of local obstacles and opportunities.

  • Phase 2: The Foundation Phase - Key elements and leaders are put in place to ensure a LW Location is both feasible and successful.

  • Phase 3: The Details Phase - All the various aspects of the LW launch are brought to completion and classes begin! 


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